Local Democratic Party leaders should promote democracy. Duh.

Jarrett Brown
2 min readSep 11, 2021

A chasm developed between two factions of the Democratic Party of Brown County during the 2020 Democratic primary for the 90th Assembly district seat between former Rep. Staush Gruszynski and current Rep. Kristina Shelton. Following Shelton’s victory in the general election, a group of her supporters organized a winning campaign for control of the county party.

The slate of candidates that took control of the party calls itself Blue 22. Renee Gasch is the Chair, Terry Lee is Vice Chair, and Loren Prince is the Second Vice Chair.

The Blue 22 slate took office with promises of inclusivity, diversity, and unity. Instead, party leaders, namely Gasch and Lee, have excluded diverse viewpoints and have consolidated power, which has caused the divide between the factions to grow. One of the party leaders has said that the “old people” who used to have influence are trying to “ruin” and “destroy” the party.

As a member of the DPBC, I believe there must be democracy, transparency, and accountability.

All members should be encouraged to share their views, regardless of what they are or who agrees with them.

Everyone should be encouraged to take part in the process of making decisions.

Each of us should be encouraged to ask questions and should be given honest answers.

The leaders of the DPBC should recognize that they have been elected to serve all of the members and that they have a duty to uphold Democratic and democratic values.

Jarrett Brown

Green Bay, WI